Selecting Your Yard Ramp Length and Type

Yard ramp in action with forklift.

Selecting the proper length and type yard ramp is the third characteristic that should be determined. The straight type, which is 30 feet long, is used primarily for ground to dock applications. This is a good choice when no level off is required. The level off type, which is 36 feet long, is used in most applications. The six foot level off at the end of the ramp adds maneuverability for forklifts. This allows forklifts easier turning access into rail cars and allows them to handle pallets next to the door openings. The 36 foot ramp is the most popular where end loading is required. Level off type is noted by the letter L following the model number.

Standard Yard Ramp Lengths and Type

Ramp Type Straight Level Off
Overall Length 30 feet 36 Feet
Wheel Diameter 18 Inches 18 Inches
Raised Lip Height 78 Inches 69 Inches
Lowered Lip Height 37 Inches 35 Inches
% of Grade @ 50 Inch Height 14 Percent 14 Percent
Curb Heights 8 Inches 8 Inches
Carrier End Tread plate 30 Inches Reinforced Apron with 15 inch lip
Approach Apron None 60 Inch Reinforced Apron
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